Life Members

Any Active or General Member shall be eligible to become a Life Member of BUET Alumni Association, Canada subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in the Constitution and upon payment of a one-time subscription of an amount decided by the Executive Committee.

Life Members of BUET Alumni Association, Canada shall be entitled to vote for electing members of the Executive Committee and shall be entitled to such other privileges as may be provided for in this Constitution.

The Life Membership fee shall be equivalent to ten years of annual membership fee or an amount decided by the Executive Committee.

Application for the Life membership of BUET Alumni Association, Canada shall be submitted by filling up the prescribed form (which will be available at the office of BUET Alumni Association, Canada and on its Website) along with the one-time life membership fee to the office of the DIRECTOR, GENERAL MEMBERSHIP.

One applying for Life Membership shall also pay the prescribed registration fee as mentioned in Section 3.2.1 along with his/her application.


As of today List of Life Members:

  1. Dr. Delwar Hossain
  2. Shahid Uddin Hiron
  3. Mohammad Abdus Salam
  4. Md. Amirul Kayes
  5. Manish Paul
  6. Kamrul Islam,M.Eng.,P.Eng
  7. AKM Nuruzzaman
  8. Faqrul Alam Talukder
  9. AKM Shariful Islam
  10. Dr. Badsha Alam
  11. Pritish Kumar Halder
  12. Towfiq Ahmed Rahman
  13. Azizul Haque Bhuiyan
  14. Jafar Imam Shah
  15. Dr. Md. Safiuddin, P.Eng.
  16. Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
  17. Mohammad Manzur Haque
  18. Sirajul Bahar Iqbal
  19. Zahurul Hasan
  20. Shahana Afroze
  21. Mohammad Hasan
  22. Habibur Rahman
  23. Muhammad Ahsanullah Khan
  24. Dr. S R Karim
  25. Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
  26. Md. Jahangir Chowdhury
  27. Pijush Kanti Barman
  28. Abdul Baten
  29. Md. Atiqur Rahman
  30. Mohammed Nizamuddin
  31. Sarwar Rab
  32. Mohammed Showkat Jahan
  33. Md Shaheed Ullah
  34. Khandaker M. Anwar Hossain, PhD., P.Eng.
  35. Dr. S R Karim
  36. A. F. M. Billah Khan
  37. Md Shaheed Ullah
  38. Md. Amir Hossain
  39. Khawaja Minnatullah
  40. Md. Jahangir Chowdhury
  41. Hasan Mahmood
  42. Shafiqur Rahman
  43. Dr. Delwar Hossain
  44. Sadiqur Khan
  45. A K M Badrul Alam
  46. Ajoy Majumder
  47. Kaium Muhammod Noman
  48. Kamrul Islam
  49. Khandker Mohammed Nurul Habib, PhD., P.Eng
  50. Md Bazlur R Bhuiyan Maruf
  51. Tauhid Belal Khan
  52. Shaila Jamal
  53. Sabbir Ahmed